Fuego y Hielo Dance Company was founded in 2014 by directors Fuquan Ferrell and Candace Joyner. It has quickly become Atlanta’s premier Afro-Latin Dance group. They have performed and taught all over world spreading their unique style of dancing.


We specialize in Mambo/Salsa, Cha Cha Cha, Bachata, Afro-Latin fusion, and acrobatic lifts/tricks/and dips. What makes them stand out most is not only their ability to set a stage on fire, but to also burn down the social dance floor too. They have performed and taught at events all over, such as;

The Berlin Salsa Congress (Germany), the Saigon Latin Fiesta (Vietnam), the New York International Salsa Congress, the Tijuana Salsa Bachata Festival (Mexico), the Chicago Salsa International Salsa Congress the Tampa Salsa Bachata Festival, the Hotlanta Salsa Congress, the Orlando Salsa Congress, Bachatu (Dominican Republic), the Houston Salsa Congress, the St. Louis Intl’ Latin Dance Festival, the Charlotte Invitational, and many more!

Services Offered

+Public group studio classes for adults

+Online group classes

+Private lessons

+Group private lessons

+Online private lessons

+Performance teams for adults

+Choreography for weddings, quinceañeras, music videos, and other such needs

+Professional performances and classes for festivals, corporate, private events, etc.

+Coaching in Afro-Latin/Afro-Carribean dances, i.e. Salsa/Mambo, Bachata, Cha Cha Cha, Acro-Dance, Afro-Latin/Afro-Carribean fusion

+Feel free to contact us about other services

Fuquan Ferrell

Classically trained dancer and a martial artist of 14+ years, Fuquan possesses an extensive knowledge about the human body and its mechanics. He incorporates this knowledge to produce incredible routines for the stage and keep follows coming back for more on the social dance floor. His charisma coupled with his dance expertise make him an incredible instructor.

He is most passionate about spreading the love of dance through teaching and helping dancers reach their goals. Men: he is the perfect guy to come to if you want to wow your follows. Ladies: Get ready for a great ride!

Candace Joyner

As a former gymnast turned gymnastics coach, Candace uses her unique knowledge of the human body to teach the masses. She has mastered the art of performance quality and stage presence.  Her natural strength, poise, and prior dance experience have led her to be one of the most sought after follows wherever she travels.

Ladies: She is available for privates to help bring out that inner diva! Men: She loves to follow everyone, just make sure to hold on for dear life or you might not keep up.

Andriy Yavorskyy
Andriy has been training with Fuego Y Hielo Dance Company for 5 years! He loves the music, especially Cuban Timba. He can’t understand much sSpanish yet, but, he’s working on his Spanish speaking skills. He’s a software developer by day and a dancer by night!

Elaida Dimwamwa
Cameroonian native and Atlanta resident, Elaida has been training in salsa for 2 years with Fuego Y Hielo Dance Company. Her love for the dance is only matched by her love of the music and culture. She’s all about the community vibes. She’s currently working on her PhD at Georgia Tech in Atlanta.

Carlos Bello
Carlos has been dancing salsa since 2019, Starting with Salsa On 1 he has now  transitioned to On 2 a year ago training with Fuego Y Hielo Dance Company. He is very passionate about dance and music. He hopes to keep sharing that enthusiasm with others as well!


Day / Time

6:30PM – 7:30PM

7:30PM – 8:30PM

8:30PM – 9:30PM

9:30PM – 10:30PM


Bachata (Beginner)

7:00pm w/Fuquan

Bachata (Intermediate)

8:00pm w/Fuquan


Salsa (Beginner lvl 1)

8:00pm w/Elaida

Salsa (Beginner lvl 2)

8:00pm w/Carlos

Salsa (Beginner lvl 3)

8:00pm w/Fuquan


Bachata (Beginner)

7:00pm w/Fuquan

Bachata (Intermediate)

8:00pm w/Fuquan


Salsa (Beginner lvl 1)

6:30pm w/Candace

Salsa (Beginner lvl 2)

6:30pm w/Andriy

Salsa (Beginner lvl 3)

6:30pm w/Fuquan

Salsa (Intermediate)

7:30pm w/Fuquan & Candace

Salsa (Advanced)

8:30pm w/Fuquan & Candace


Mambo Mayhem

Every 3rd Saturday

9:30pm – 2:30am


Art & Salsa

Every 1st Sunday

5:00pm – 9:00pm

7:00pm Bachata (Beginner)

8:00pm Bachata (Intermediate)


8:00pm Salsa (Beginner 1, 2 & 3)


7:00pm Bachata (Beginner)

8:00pm Bachata (Intermediate)


6:30pm Salsa (Beginner 1, 2, & 3)

7:30pm Salsa (Intermediate)

8:30pm Salsa (Advanced)


9:30pm – 2:30am Mambo Mayhem Social Every 3rd Saturday

5:00pm – 9:00pm Art & Salsa Social every 1st Sunday


Info on our group class prices as well as private lessons

Classes at ADMA

1 Drop-In $20

10 Class Card $150

Per Person/Lasts 3 months

20 Class Card $280

Per Person/Last 6 months

Unlimited Class Card $220

6 month contract

Private Lessons 

1 Private Lesson $100

2 Private Lessons $190

5 Private Lessons $470

10 Private Lessons $880

20 Private Lessons $1,500

Mambo Mayhem

Fuego Y Hielo Dance Company’s

3rd Saturday Social

  • Two rooms for dancing
  • Salsa/Bachata/Cha Cha Cha dancing in main room
  • 2nd room for Bachata all night
  • Every 3rd Saturday
  • General admission $15
  • Starts at 9:30PM with complimentary class
  • Dancing starts at 10:30PM
  • Party is over at 2:30AM



Frequently Asked Questions


Didn’t find the answer?

Just submit a question for us here and we’ll get back to you!

Are prices per person or couple?

Do I need to bring a partner?

No partner is necessary for any of our classes. We constantly make sure every has a chance to dance with everyone!

What do I wear?

There’s nothing specific needed for class, comfortable clothing that allows movement. Smooth bottomed shoes and/or flats unless you actually own Salsa shoes.

Do you teach LA Style Salsa/On1?

We teach Salsa On2 aka New York Style Salsa aka Mambo. We are able to teach Salsa On1/LA Style Salsa in private lessons and for events!

Where are classes held?

All or our classes and socials are held at the Atlanta Dance & Music Academy, located at 524 Plasters Ave in Buckhead!

What is Mambo Mayhem?

Mambo Mayhem is our monthly dance social. We have this event every 3rd Saturday at the Atlanta Dance & Music Academy from 9:00PM – 2:00AM.

From 9-10 we have a free class and from 10-2 we have dancing and sometimes performances from local and out of town performance troupes.

Do you have online videos?

We are working towards a subscription based video tutorial section for our website. Until that is completed and released, please follow us on Facebook/Instagram/Youtube for our available videos!

Will you offer other classes soon?

As of now our class schedule is set, but as the need and demand grows for other class days and times we will accommodate our student base.

Are you available to perform private/corporate functions?

We are available to perform and teach at any event be it private, corporate or otherwise. Just contact for a quote!

Why don't you offer weekend classes?

Our dance company is hired very often on the weekends for out of town events. Therefore it’s hard to have a consistent class on the weekends. We do often offer workshops/bootcamps the weekends that we are in town.

If we find a suitable instructor for weekend classes we will offer classes on the weekends in the future.

How do I schedule a private?

Simply e-mail us or call/text us, to purchase and schedule a private lesson. All of our private lessons are taught out of our home!

Are prices per person or couple?

All of our group class costs are per person, that means the drop in rate, the 10 class card and the 20 class card.

Our private costs are for 1 person or per couple. After 2 people it’s considered a group private lesson and you’d need to call for a quote.

How long do class cards last?

Our 10 class card lasts for 3 months

Our 20 class card lasts for 6 months

What level dancer am I? What class should I take

If you haven’t taken formalized dance classes for salsa or bachata, you should start with our beginner class and learn the syllabus and progress through it. If you have learned Salsa on1, even to an intermediate or advanced level, you should start with our beginner class as we teach a different style of salsa.


(404) 444-0444


524 Plasters Ave NE. Atlanta, GA. 30324

The Atlanta Dance & Music Academy